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Up Translation Copyright 1998 by Peter Lemesurier

In order that all these figures might be more precisely collated by means of the sacred scriptures with visible celestial phenomena - i.e. in conjunction with Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and so on - as might be seen in greater detail by applying various quartiles, I could have gone more deeply into my calculations and adapted the one to the other.

But seeing, O Most Serene King, that some critics will have difficulty [with it], and that this will be the reason for my withdrawal of my pen for the sake of my nightly rest: 'Multa etiam Rex omium potentissime praeclara et sane in brevi ventura, sed omnia in hac tua epistola innectere non possumus nec volumes: sed ad intelliganda quaedam facta horrida fata, pauca libanda sunt, qamvis tanta sit in omnes tua amplitudo et humanitas homines, deosque pietas, ut solus amplissimo et Christianissimo Regis nomine, et ad quem summa totius religionis auctoritas deferatur dignus esse videare' ["Many remarkable things, O most puissant King of all, are doubtless shortly to happen, but we neither can nor will include them in this your letter: yet in order that you should understand such horrible events as are predicted, it is necessary to divulge some of them, even though your generosity and humanity toward all men are so great, as is your Divine piety, that you alone are seen to be worthy of the full Christian title of King, to whom  the highest authority in all relgions should be accorded"].

But I beseech you, O most merciful King, by this your unique and wise humanity rather to harken to the desire of my heart - and the sovereign care that I have had to obey your most serene Majesty ever since my eyes were so near to your sunlike splendour - [but] only to the extent that the magnitude of my labour achieves and deserves it. From Salon this 27th June, one thousand five hundred and fifty-eight.


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