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City of God and WTC Collapse

City of God
WTC Collapse


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Update Sept 13, 2001

It is hard to understand why some people are using such a tragic event to spread more fear using the name of Nostradamus but unfortunately that is the case.

By the way, Nostradamus died in 1566 so anything with "Nostradamus 1654" should give you a clue.

So, for your information, the following variations are also hoaxes attributed to Nostradamus:

The one starting with "New century and 9 months",

The one starting with "9 months and eleven days" or "On eleventh day of 9th month",

The one which mentions "two steel birds",

The one which mixes 2 completely unrelated quatrains of Nostradamus  "From the sky will come a great King of Terror...The sky will burn at forty-five degrees" in order to fit the event.  Also, don't forget that NY is not at 45 degrees but a little south of 41 degrees.

More will be added as encountered...

As for "City of God", see below:

The following quatrain has been circulating the Internet after the WTC bombings.

In the City of God there will be a great thunder,
two brothers torn  apart by chaos,
while the fortress endures, the great leader will sucumb.
The third big war will begin when the big city is burning.

It is NOT by Nostradamus.  This is a HOAX. (The link to a possible source of this hoax has been removed as that page is no longer accessible.)


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