Nostradamus - predictions for the near future using science
Up by Terry Paget

Leaving Nosti out in the cold for a moment here are my 'prophecies' for the future based on science.

The San Andreas and related fault lines are well overdue for a major release of energy. A big one is overdue on both sides of the pacific tectonic plate. When an area is overdue for quakes the energy buildup is not linear. If a quake is expected every 100 years and is now 40 years overdue you will not simply get 40% more energy than you would have if it had been on time. The energy buildup is logarithmic ie we can expect an energy release of 100 to 10000 times what would have occurred if the release was on time. Well it was not on time.

Such a release of energy will devastate western USA, Japan, New Zealand and other surrounding nations. We are also expecting a great deal of volcanic activity.

Now what will the USA do if this occurs. Well if your house is damaged by a flood you repair it, then you help your friends. A country is no different. If the damage to the country's civilian and military infrastructure is severe the USA would have no option but to recall it's military forces from around the globe. If they are involved in a major conflict this could also coincide with a desire to pull out the forces due to unpopular press.. Remember that the USA's overseas forces require a huge supply effort from the USA. They may not be able to keep the supply lines open.

So we have a great deal of physical damage. We have the USA bringing it's military home leading to a great many wars breaking out. The volcanic eruptions of this sort of magnitude will cause dramatic changes to both short term and long term weather patterns. Add to this that any tsunamis in the pacific region would upset the El ninio region and we can see that we will all have a few problems.

Can we avoid this - no!

Knowing what might happen from known science can help us to unlock the secrets hidden in prophecies.


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