Cassini Fly By
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C 9 Q 72: <<< note the number, 72.

"Again will the holy temples be polluted, <<< Cassinis plutonium
And plundered by the senate of Toulouse:
Saturn two-three cycles completed, <<< Cassinis bumerang-tour
In April, May people of New leaven." <<< Kosovo refugées

C10 Q 72: <<< note the number again!

"The year 1999 and seven months,
>From the sky will come great king of Fear "terror whatever"
To bring back to life the great king of Angolmois,
Before and after Mars rules with good luck."

C9 Q 44:

"Flee, flee from Geneva every last one of you,
Saturn will be converted from gold to iron:
All against RoyPaz "Raypoz" will be exterminated,
Before the coming, the sky will show signs."

Preface: "First will the sun come, then Saturn"

The signs in the sky could be the Aug 11 Eclipse and the grand cross of the
After Cassini falls on Geneva, The king of peace "Raypoz" will show his true
colors. No idea who the king of peace may be, possibly the third AC.
The line of the total eclipse could also show the path of a nuclear warhead.


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