X.72 "sept mois"
Up by John McDonnell

Most interpreters of Nostradamus have wanted Century 10 quatrain 72 to mean something other than what it actually predicts. Peter Lemesurier was correct in pointing out that the earliest text of it predicts "a great King defrayer", not "a great King of Terror". But for some strange reason, even the normally careful Lemesurier failed to consider the possibility that "sept mois" means "seven months" and not "seventh month". The few who have pointed this out have been mostly ignored. When the last of the "seventh month" theories fails, perhaps it will be understood that the prediction was that before the year 1999 ended a period of seven months would begin in which a great King defrayer of heaven would stir up from beneath the great King of Angolmois. In my previous repository posting on Century 10 quatrain 72, I pointed out a possible link to Revelation 9:1-12, which twice mentions a "five months" period, which could fit into the "seven months" period predicted by Nostradamus. It could take two months to stir up the great King from below to begin his five months rampage. I admit that my interpretation has problems, the most obvious being that in Revelation the king from the pit is named Abaddon and Apollyon but not Angolmois. But in view of the fact that all of the "seventh month" interpretations have either failed or are about to fail, perhaps my interpretation deserves some consideration by those struggling against having to admit that Nostradamus made a mistake with his Century 10 quatrain 72 prediction.


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