X:72 An Interpretation
by Gary Somai

X:72 the uncut version, brought to you through the prognosis of hermetic thought.

But before we all precipitate in jumping off that famous precipice, the background scenery must be first prepared. Why?, because the scenery has of as much importance as the chemicals used in an alchemist's laboratory, since if the wrong chemical substances are mixed together, a complete and altogether different reaction will take place, and if the magus cannot create the sensational experience as recognised by the 5 biological senses, then he will not receive the proper attention from his awe inspired audience.

So we begin thus:

No prophecy in modern time has perhaps caught more of the attention than the infamous X:72 quatrain penned by Nostradamus. The reason of course is as clear as daylight, since the verse begins by giving the unsuspecting reader a date, "The year 1999 and seven months", followed by what has become known through many sensationalist sources, as "From the sky will come a great King of Terror", so everyone quickly rushes to their diary and writes "end of the world, must get camera & film ready"!!

What brilliance!, such an amazingly sensational period is now but a stones throw away from our door. The magus of Salon has set fire to the imagination of millions of people, who now have become demonised by comets, asteroids, and other grotesque images coming from the sky.

Not altogether withstanding this, we have also the biblical prophecies, which have also traditionally been associated with a millennial date. So millennium fever is upon us, and with the advent of YK2, an intergallactic solar eclipse, and the problems in the Middle East and Yugoslavia, we are really onto a big winner, what could possibly go wrong this time round!!. Here are two possible ones:-

1) A smart alec comes along and tells you that one of the words to which your fantasy is entirely based upon, in fact means something completely different. Yes that famous word "d'effraieur" (terror), is actually a corruption of "deffraieur", which is modern defrayer, rendering the meaning as "paymaster" or one who "prepares for the path ahead". So anything but a Paymaster from heaven, means that the prophecy has not been fulfilled.

2) You forget to remove the lens cap from your camera, so will have to wait another 1,000 years.

Joking aside, what does Hermes make of all this?

@@@@@@@@Hermetic Translation@@@@@@@@@@

L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois The year 1999 and seven months

Du ciel viendra un grand Roy deffraieur >From heaven comes a great sovereign Paymaster

Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois To invoke from below the great rule of Angoumois

Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur. Before and after Mars reigns by good fortune @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

In its classical context, a link can be made with the legend that concerns "Hades" the dark lord of the underworld, also known as Pluto, meaning "Riches", because his realm was full of hidden wealth..

Hades governs the underworld kingdom as absolute master. His kingdom is not of the conscious senses, because when he emerges into the daylight world, (the sun), his helmet renders him invisible to the five conscious senses. His kingdom is "Death", the Unconscious World, where no mortals dare tread. The rites of death require that Hades be paid a gold coin, otherwise the spirit would be doomed to wander forever along the shores of the River Styx.

**So if Hades is the legendary Paymaster, is he also the Devil?**

The answer is no. Hades kingdom is the area that joins this world to the next, his image symbolises the final end to *a* cycle of life, (It is the greatest of all amnesties). The debt is Paid off and the old way dies, and with the death of the old way, comes the birth of the new way. Hades symbolises the beginnings of CHANGE, a conversion from one state into another, a magical invocation from below, or a coming down from above, etc.etc...

**Is the Devil involved at all?**

Yes, but his involvement is Pan. "Pan Pan the pipers man".

The beast inside us all, is our conscious ego, for it is he which feeds the subconscious mind his survival kit for the physical universe. There are many marks to this beast, but perhaps the most decieving one of them all, is "FEAR", hence the term Pan-ic.

**Who or what is Angolmois?**

As a place name, it was a former province of France, "Angoumois", recovered from the English in 1373.

But as an anagram, it possibly suggests the awakenning of a sleeping giant, i.e. The empire of the East, which is Asia.

But that does not mean that other meanings cannot be invoked. On the contrary i suspect.

"Angoisse" as in the "Anguish" of the mind, occurs when a person is preparing to mourn a death, or preparing for a state of change. It takes its root meaning from the Latin "Anguinus", a Snake, but in this case, it resembles the choking effects of a serpent. This serpent, is the serpent of Times Past.

**Where does Mars & Good Fortune come into the equation?**

Again we have to look at the classical symbol of Mars as portrayed in myth as well as from those that emerged from the Italian Renaissance period.  

At the well known level, Mars was the god of war, and as god of war, he revelled in a good fight. His powerful emotions, (the blood & fire of his ego), would overwhelm his more divine abilities, which come from the humbler self, i.e. the small flame. As a result of these powerful emotions, Mars tended to make the wrong judgement about the world around him.

Mars is both associated with the colour red & the metal iron, and we can find both of these things in the blood stream. The Mars influence has its effect on every human being alive in the flesh, whether it be recognised only at the more mundane physical level, or higher up. In fact, the source of this Mars influence originates in the head, and in this respect, he is considered the "Chef d'Aries".

One of the many things that emerged from the Italian Renaissance, were images of the ancient gods, in the form of hermetic art. Mars was sometimes portrayed driving a bronze war chariot, led by two horses, one black and one white.

The two horses leading Mars to war, are of course his two squires, who went by the name of Deimos (Fear) and Phobos (Terror). And the planet to which Mars was named after, was also discovered to have two moons. These moons were obligingly given the same names.

**But how does this tie in with his reigning "Good Fortune" before and afterwards?**

Interestingly, the word "Rein" with which Mars is using to control his two squires, was once joined with the old french word "Reign", which is also an analogy to its sovereign rule, i.e. "Reign" to control.

Good Fortune however, if applied in the same scenic text, seems to address the Magician. It is referring to Hermes, the god of sudden good luck and patron of merchants and businessmen. As the guide of travellers, he was always the sudden bringer of good luck and changes in fortune. His speciality was both as the trusted messenger of the gods as well as the guide of souls into the realms of the underworld.

**So briefly, how do I translate all this information?**

Leaving aside the doomsday prophecy cults and fanatical self-fullfilment artists, of which the prophecy does not speak of, (unfortunately we will have to witness their self-fulfilling tendencies in the form of terrorism and mass suicides, before the turn of the century).

What it actually means IMO, is to reflect the culmination of man's spiritual journey, since the arrival of both the Old & New Testaments many centuries ago. In this sense, mankind will once again have reached a great Crossroads, only this time the crossroads he has reached, concerns the Amnesty of a Great Debt toward Progress.

Yes, by amnesty, i really mean amnesty. There will be a plan to wipe out All Third World International Debt, and possibly with it, the debt accrued by the poorest of Society. The Paymaster General, i.e. The Treasury will be thrown out of the Temple, and as a result, the winners of this great amnesty will be the Asiatic continent, which in the longer term, will grow in stature to become an empire that will supercede all other empires.  

But on another note, the prophecy does indeed have another meaning. But this teaching cannot be understood at ground level, although its significance shall become *ground* breaking news in the field of quantum science. So much so, that the world will be in mourning over its repurcussions.

Hermes Thrice Greatest! We Three Kings of Orient are

See also http://www.personal.u-net.com/~eyedeal/skull.htm


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