Comparative Horoscopy
Up by Peter Lemesurier

I am particularly interested in researching what appears to have been the basis of Nostradamus's prophetic technique, namely 'comparative horoscopy' - i.e. predicting just when given planetary patterns from the past will repeat themselves in the future, and thus the major historical events that accompanied them, too.

The seer's secretary, Chavigny, dubbed him 'the French Janus' - and Janus was the Roman god who looked backwards and forwards at once. He could scarcely have summed up the general principle more clearly!

To display this technique, I have included a number of sample 'horographs' (simplified planetary charts) in my Nostradamus Encyclopedia, as well as in 'The Essential Nostradamus'. In my next book, 'Nostradamus and Beyond', I shall be applying this technique myself in order to make 256 conjectural predictions of my own. These will use the seer's methodology in an attempt to time the future recurrence of a whole series of events since the seer's death.


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